South African Safari

Africa has for many decades been the ultimate destination for hunters. With the number of species and the multitude of game a hunter can spend a lifetime collecting trophies. Hunting in Africa will be one of the most memorable events in your life. Your days will be filled with the discovery of new and exciting game such as Kudu, Gemsbok, Impala, Cape Bushbuck and many others that call South Africa home. Your evenings will be spent with new friends over a typical African meal that would fit well in any five star restaurant.

A trip to Africa may seem to be a daunting undertaking but our experience in traveling to South Africa several times and that of the Professional Hunter (PH) that will be assisting you will take all the worry and guesswork out of getting you to a true African Safari!

South Africa has nine provinces. The areas differ greatly in terms of topography and vegetation and can range from densely wooded savannah to open grassland. Each area presents a unique habitat, which is ideally suited to certain of the plains game species. The primary camp is in the Eastern Cape – located in the high desert one hour north of the Port Elizabeth. However, you will have access to concessions from the Eastern Cape to the Northern most provinces and will have the opportunity to hunt over 30 species of game.

The camp is set up for both the seasoned African hunter looking for superior service and record book quality game and for the first time Safari hunter. Both rifle, muzzleloader and bow only hunting concessions are available with a guarantee that 80% of the all trophies will make the SCI record books. Unlike some other safari outfitters, the animals on the bow only concessions have only been been hunted by bow. Families are welcome as well. We have a long client and reference list that we can make available upon request.

Africa – the dark continent. Beautiful and sometimes dangerous.

Doug Smith will be appearing on Aim on Africa – Episode 08: The biggest antelope in Africa, and Aim on Africa – Episode 12: Three classic East African style Cape Buffalo hunts. View Doug’s appearances on Aim on Africa here

South Africa Safari and Hunting Packages

The camp includes two family properties that are carefully managed for hunting. Each lodge has a breathtaking view of the Cape Mountains. All rooms are private with their own bathroom and shower. All are decorated in classic African décor.

Meals are served three times daily. You will have the opportunity to try some of the game bagged on Safari and other traditional South African cuisine. However, meals can be customized to your taste and dietary restrictions.

Depending on the game sought on safari, some overnight stays may be necessary. These accommodations are some of the most comfortable and scenic in the country. Regardless of where you hunt, there will always be a hot meal and comfortable place to rest at the end of your exciting day’s hunt.

Hunts are conducted one on one or two on one. Your professional hunter will transport you to the concession with the best opportunity to bag the particular species you are after. He will help spot and pick out the animal that best suits your specifications. Skinners and trackers will also accompany you. JP has a skinning facility at camp as well as a museum quality taxidermy shop.

Hunting season is from March 1 – October 31.

See JP Kleinhans Safari website for latest prices and safari preparation.


* Airport pick-up/return from Port Elizabeth to camp.

* Lodging

* 4×4 all terrain transportation

* Food and beverages (including alcohol)

* Daily laundry service


South Africa

(Click name of animal to view a photo)

Species Species
Blesbok Cape Kudu
White Blesbok Greater Kudu
Bontebok Waterbuck
Baboon Nyala
Bush Pig Ostrich
Cape Bushbuck Mountain Reedbuck
Grey Duiker Grey Rheebok
Blue Duiker Gemsbok
Cape Springbok Cape Grysbok
White Springbok Cape Hartebeest
Black Springbok Impala
Burchell’s Zebra Klipspringer
Black Wildebeest Warthog
Blue Wildebeest Cape Eland
Copper Springbok Steenbok
Lion, White Rhino, Leopard, Elephant, Red Lechwe and Sable are priced upon request
Click here for more information on hunting areas in South Africa.



10 Day Safari – $5500

1 Kudu

1 Blesbok

1 Impala

1 Common Springbuck

1 Steenbok

1 Common Duiker

Hunting season is from March 1 – October 31. This package includes all trophy fees. Hunting licenses, meals, lodging and airport pick-up/return from Port Elizabeth to camp.