Mozambique, Africa Safari

Enjoy the wonder and mystique of a true wild experience in old Africa on 100,000 acre concession featuring plains game and dangerous game in Mozambique, South Africa. Trophy management has been a must and the dampness of soil during the rainy season reduces the number of lions, leopards and hyenas since soft padded animals don’t do well on wet ground (due to foot rot). These two things lead to a high proliferation of plains and dangerous game species reaching full maturity.

The concession is flanked by two major rivers, thus surrounding it from outside incursions, precludes the need for fences and makes this a game oasis. The outfitter maintains a low quota helping to ensure high quality trophies.

Mozambique is a true old Africa experience in the style of the real Ruark and Hemmingway safaris. The camp is very comfortable with private chalets and thatched roofs dining area which is open to the night sounds. You will enjoy a sundowner before a delicious meal and afterwards, discuss your day around the fire pit. The experience gives you a reminiscent feeling of the Dark Continent in its glorious past and helps add to the ambiance, making this a once in lifetime adventure.

Your outfitter has equipped your camp with Land Cruisers (brought into camp by barges during the low tides) and hot showers fueled by wood fires. Both daily housekeeping and laundry are provided and will help you pack light. His world class trackers, skinners and taxidermy shop insure your trophies are treated with the utmost care. The outfitter is North American trained and your trophies will have the finest treatment if you choose to leave them in Mozambique which in my opinion is a fantastic way to handle them. There is a minimal fee for the importation paperwork that is handled by the outfitter. Worldwide Outfitting also helps with your travel arrangements and your importation paperwork thru a USDA customs brokerage company that is located in many major cities and makes your importing as simple as possible. We can also help with your firearms card and a safari representative will meet you at the Beira airport to assist you with customs. Your outfitter uses a charter service that is up to 50 percent less expensive than competitors. It is your responsibility to pay the charter fee directly to the charter company which helps control costs. (And maybe allows you to pay another trophy fee for just one more animal).

If you are looking for the last of wild Africa, this Mozambique safari is the hunt for you. The adventure awaits you.

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This hunting package INCLUDES:
1. License and Trophy Fees for the species listed in the package
2. Daily Rate

This package and all Standard Safaris EXCLUDE:
1. Rifle Permit
2. Hunting License / Hunter
3. Shipment of trophies
4. Charter flights – as per quotation
5. A Community Fee
6. 17% VAT on Daily Rate portion of the Package