African style shooting sticks

African style shooting sticks are used and endorsed by several PH’s (professional hunters) in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Their overall length is 72 in. and can be adjusted to the individual height of the hunter by merely removing the rubber caps and sawing off the bottom of the legs to the height of the hunter when the legs are closed. The shooting sticks are constructed of 5/8 inch oak. The tops and bottoms are connected by copper ferrules and the cradle for the rifle is rubber coated to protect the rifle. The cost for these sticks is $85 plus $10 for shipping and handling (US only/email for international).

Fishing Nets

These nets are crafted individually for each customer. They are constructed of five laminations; two walnut and three white oak. The handles are generally birdseye maple but can be other woods also.
Prices start at $85 (plus shipping) for the short net with standard mesh net. All nets are personalized as shown in the pictures. For complete pricing and to order your net please contact Rich at

For specific questions about our hunting merchandise, contact Rich Kulage at