Frequently Asked Questions About Worldwide Outfitting Hunting and Fishing Trips

1. What does Worldwide Outfitting provide that I can’t do on my own?
We have experienced the hospitality of all the outfitters we represent. We can help with airline reservations, gun import, trophy import, government paperwork, and what to pack

2. What to pack?
Each destination has its own special needs. Depending on where you are going and what time of year, we can provide a list of what to take and what not to take which is important with the weight restrictions and ever changing government regulations both here and onboard. We can also let you know the best method to pack to reduce hassle when going through security checkpoints and baggage check in.

3. How do I get my gun in the country?
We can help fill out and submit the required paperwork necessary for gun import. Once you are in the country, you can go through gun import check in process on your own which will take 2-3 hours. Or we can set you up with agents in the country who will meet you just outside of customs and walk you through the process. The agents can help speed up the check in process, are aware of the latest regulations and can help resolve if any issues arise.

4. How do I get my animals back to the US?
Coopersmith is a US custom importer who can handle the export out of the destination country and the import needed for the US.
NOTE: For the South Africa and Mozambique destinations, there is a full taxidermy shop in country that we have personally had our mounts done in and then shipped back to the US. The taxidermy shop will also dip and pack your mounts so you can have them done back in the US if you so desire.

5. Do I need any shots before I go?
Argentina and South Africa do not require any medical shots. For Mozambique, we recommend malaria, hep A and hap B since the location is more remote.

6. What are the tipping customs?
We can give you guidance on the tipping customs for each country. If you have ever been overseas, you know how uncomfortable that situation can be.

7. Is there anything for non-hunters to do?
Yes, there are plenty of activities for those not wishing to hunt. The outfitters can provide non-hunters with tours of the various animal parks in the area, local shopping and site seeing just to name a few activities for South Africa.