Argentina Big Game Hunting and Wingshooting

Worldwide Outfitting has teamed up with one of the premier outfitters in Argentina for both big game and wingshooting.  South America is very well known for high volume dove hunting and waterfowl, but Argentina also has a great biodiversity for hunters who would like to enjoy hunting the great Red Deer, Water Buffalo, Black Buck, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Wild Goat, Rams, Muflon and Wild Boar.

2015 specials
4 days of Dove hunting with 1000 shoots for free, $2200 usd
4 days of Dove Hunting and Perdiz hunting with 1000 shoots for free, $2400 usd
5 days of Buffalo hunt, non-limit size, $6000 usd


Big Game Hunting in Argentina is one of the last great frontiers for exciting and challenging big game with RIFLE, MUZZLELOADER, and BOWHUNTING. We have expert guides with many years of experience who know the hunting and fishing zones and the different species of wild game still living in large numbers in the Argentine territory; a land un-crowded and unspoiled.

Our service includes the organization and provision of all the necessary services that our clients need before, during and after their big game hunts with us. Besides the hunting itself, we can also provide clients with tourism and sightseeing activities in Argentina.

Some of the species available:

Red Stag Boar Cougar
Black Buck Fallow Deer Axis Deer
Mouflon Multi  Horned Ram Wild Goat
Water Buffalo Brockett Deer Capybara



Imagine wingshooting in a beautiful, unspoiled landscape featuring uncrowded vistas. A comfortable, temperate climate. A land of friendly, gracious people. Wonderful hospitality. Savory, abundant cuisine enjoyed with tantalizingly delicious Argentina wines. And the wingshooting? Simply impossible to describe with mere words, but let us try.

More doves (palomas in Spanish) than you can possibly even begin to shoot at. No magazine plugs required, and no limits. Shooting so fast and furious that you must tape your fingers and wear leather shooting gloves so that you don’t burn your hands as your shotgun barrel really heats up. This is HIGH-VOLUME dove shooting at its very best!! A place such as this really does exist.  Here our hunters average 1500 cartridges per day PER HUNTER, but it is possible to shoot many more than that if you desire. The shooting is so INCREDIBLE that it truly must be experienced first-hand in order to be believed.

Current estimates by the Provincial Ministry of Agriculture estimate that a rapidly-expanding population of more than 30 MILLION Golden-Eared Doves inhabit the La Pampa province.  Here they are formally considered agricultural PESTS, annually destroying more than 20% of the regions’ crops. SO, STOP DREAMING, START PACKING, AND COME HUNT WITH US.



Enjoy your duck hunt in Argentina with the best services and generous limit.
This kind of hunting takes place in Buenos Aires Province, the lagoons make this place an authentic paradise, coveted by waterfowl lovers all around the world. It is extremely important to get into the hunting spots at night, because any strange movement makes the ducks fly away

A typical day starts at 4.00 a.m., when the hunters have a quick breakfast and then, they get their camouflage gear and their waders (a must). Once they are ready, they head to the selected spot for the first day of hunting, sailing almost in darkness, lit only by the moon and the stars. . The hunting posts are built by the guides with natural elements, like bushes of the area. Every post is located strategically, taking into account that the ducks always land against the wind and that that is the best time to shoot. Usually, the hunting goes from sunrise till 11.00 a.m., or until the hunter has reached his limit.

As hunting aesthetics are an important principle in our operation, we would like to emphasize the fact that we are committed to making great strides with dry-permanent-blinds, specie-specific decoys, duck calls and other important additions to the daily hunts in order to make this a top quality experience. All duck shooting is from dry-permanent- blinds. However we strongly recommend bringing chest-waders since more than once you’ll need to walk in water in order to get to the blinds.


Transportation to and from the hunting areas is mainly done by plane. All International flights arrive at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires where our staff will meet & greet the clients and take care of the ground transportation to other airports if necessary.

Domestic flights in Argentina can be either made in commercial or chartered aircraft; in both cases we will assist our clients with the necessary flight bookings and arrangements.

Lodging in the hunting areas takes place mainly within our own game reserves. Our service is intended to offer our clients excellent accommodations, meals and fantastic wines together with an unforgettable hunting experience.

A traditional Argentinean “estancia” is to provide comfort and warmth to hunters anytime. Accommodations are five-star and facilities include 4 double rooms with private bathrooms, a grand living room, a cozy dining room and a large acclimatized swimming pool and solarium. In addition, masseuse and laundry services are available. There is also internet service and satellite TV.

Along with the luxurious accommodations, typical Argentinean dishes as well as international cuisine and delicious desserts are served with a selection of the finest Argentinean wines. All together, the combination for an unforgettable hunting trip is almost perfect. Regarding electrical appliances, electricity on the premises is 220 Volt.

Continental or American breakfast, 3-courses-lunch and dinner are served. Our staff will delight you with Argentinian typical dishes and varied international cuisine to enjoy with a selection of the finest Argentinian wines

All of our hunting activities are conducted by an excellent crew of people that include guides, skinners and trackers, which specialize in each activity. We provide the necessary equipment and our team of professionals help our clients achieve all their goals during the trip.

Our crew prepares all trophies before they leave the lodges so that they are ready for a taxidermist to start working. All capes are salted and completely dried and all skulls bleached completely white and ready to place on a plaque before we hand them over either to the exporter or the taxidermist.

This ensures our clients that we will provide them with the best possible experience while making sure that their trophies get back home in impeccable conditions.

We only offer our clients legitimate hunting activities which is why they will receive from us all the required licenses and permits at the time of their trip. We will assist to obtain and will provide our clients with all the necessary licenses and permits according to Argentina’s legal requirements.

See TS Buenos Aires Outfitters for photos. Please contact Doug Smith directly for pricing and current specials.